2016 Annual Celebration!

We Celebrate:  The grace of God, to allow us to do this thing,  We feel like we won the lottery to have discovered what God  has invited us to be apart of.  He sustains us gives vision to embrace…..(link to more of the same) { more of the same}  We feel like the unlikeliest folks to be doing this.  The work is so significant and has potential to impact a nation. We are the lucky ones, who by simply being willing to move ahead one step at a time, (most of the time not sure about that step) God has lead us into a magnificent adventure and opportunity.  He has provided partners like you to sustain us, and almost complete a million dollar project.  Celebrate last year with us.  Beaver & Kathy


We celebrate: provision with Dignity

Jobs mean, moms and dads provide food, clothing and education for their families.  Jobs mean, children respect and admire parents as providers, and learn a new model for the future.

2nd Story Goods is celebrating 100+ jobs when you take into account artisans, employees and those with jobs because of 2SG.  Basket makers, Jewelry makers, Garment makers, Leather craftsmen, Agriculture products, Carving artisans, Recycling artisans, the list goes on.
We believe the Solutions to Haiti's challenges is resident in each of these producers.  With a little help of removing barriers and exposing opportunities these workers walk the path out of systemic poverty.  -LEARN MORE-

We Celebrate: an amazing team


We understand having the right people on the bus and in the right seats is critical. 2016 has seen our staff grow and find their niche for maximum effectiveness. - MEET THE TEAM!-

We celebrate: new spaces

2016 has seen some very significant changes in our physical plant.  2nd SG moved from the foyer of a  guest house to it own warehouse, studio,  and retail outlets in Gonaives and Port au Prince. How God orchestrated Marriott to invite 2SG into its 11 story 5 star hotel - MORE- 

We Celebrate: a good strategy

Breaking the cycles of generational poverty is no small task - LEARN MORE ABOUT STRATIGY-

We celebrate: the future for Much Ministries

As we lay hold of the successes of 2016 it propels us to fortify and plan for what is next.  Our agenda for  2017 and beyond is to continue to focus on removing barriers and finding opportunity for those ready to take the next step.  Our focus will double down on empowering and equipping new and current businesses to grow and hire more employees.

We Celebrate: Our Board of directors



We Celebrate: Those who stand with us in prayer and financial support

We could not do this without you.  The celebration is yours, your dollars have allowed those of us on the ground, to stay here...Your prayers encourage us and strengthen us in the spiritual battle.

We Celebrate: fiscal responsibility..or accountability  or transparency

We appreciate the fact that you trust us to do good things with your gifts.  It is always or desire to…..(link) be transparent in our reporting.  If you have specific questions about anything, please contact me. Beaver Brooks, beaver@muchministries.org

We Celebrate:  New team members!

Perhaps what you have seen here compels you to get involved…. Maybe you have some ideas that will help us go further faster.  Let’s have a conversation.  beaveratmuch@gmail.com I look forward to meeting you!