New Spaces


2016 has seen some very significant changes in our physical plant.  2nd SG moved from the foyer of a  guest house to it own warehouse, studio,  and retail outlets in Gonaives and Port au Prince. How God orchestrated Marriott to invite 2SG into its 11 story 5 star hotel……(Link) amazing.  Once again we are convinced that He, God< has intentions that we would never have considered. But we are there, opened in September and working our way to profitability.

Hope needs a physical expression,  Proof, if you will, Things in Haiti do change.  Market place Gonaives, the transformation of an abandoned factory and its conversion into a thriving business complex is irrefutable evidence that things are changing in Gonaives. 2016 saw hundreds of thousands of dollars in concrete, iron and labor begin the modification and renaissance of this property. October 2017 is the target opening.