2016 saw new additions to an already amazing team.

Ariel and Burgchaline Doval


Ariel leads our HR department while his bride Bergs operates our small juice bar in 2nd Story Goods Gonaives retail outlet.

Saint Juste

Saint Juste came to 2SG as a pastor with an economic degree and just the skills to handle purchasing and shipping.

Mafi Joseph

Mafi is our most tenured employee of 2SG, beginning as a jewelry artisan, she now oversees production and inventory control.  Kathy often says without Mafi, none of this would be!

Jimson Raymond

Jimson is our numbers guy, very quickly we discovered his gift of accounting. Like St. Justice he has a degree from the economics university, and puts those skills to use tracking expenses and worker compensation.

Victoria Mead

Victoria has been indispensable to the changing dynamics of 2SG in 2016, from design to Marriott store manager to Web design, she has flexibly met the need at hand.

Austin Ragsdale

Austin  was God’s gift of organization for 2016. Austin spent 6 months creating systems that allowed 2SG to grow to next level

Adam Peltier

Adam works his magic in the USA, talk about the right guy in the right seat!!! Adam brings years of UPS experience to handle US shipping and customer development to 2SG.

Brandon Brooks

Brandon uses half his brain to create systems, handle Quick Books, and all things IT for 2SG and MUCH. Google Sheets is his language and we are so grateful.

Rachel Green

Rachel is developing our Employment Leadership classes.  She thoughtfully guides 8 instructors to equip and empower new job holders to become valued employees