Our Efforts

What began as the Jubilee feeding program for desperately malnutritioned children has grown into a manifestation of Community Transformation. It is a grass roots movement, birthed through relationship with Haitian men, women and children and their dreams and vision of a better way to live.

The feeding program is now just one component in an entire community project that includes new concrete sturdy homes, a primary school for kids, health clinics, a Trade School for adults and access to clean water. The dream includes a revised marketplace, amended soil for rich gardens, community leadership that embraces and models life-styles of honor and integrity.

Jubilee is a developing area, with many families and individuals still functioning in survival mode. They are survivors of the 2008 floods and the 2010 earthquake. In Community Transformation, all are lifted from survival to creativity and growth.

Our Vision, expands as God empowers individuals and teams to come and develop relationships within the Jubilee community. And as the community leaders develop trust in us. It is a truly a collaborative effort…many hands, hearts and feet joining together with brothers and sisters in Haiti to be a part of the unfolding plan.

Primary School

To support the work of the Jubilee School, to learn about sponsoring students, and to learn how to get involved, please visit Jubileekidsinc.org or e-mail: info@jubileekidsinc.org

The school in Jubilee Blanc, Haiti opened in October of 2009. It is a collaborative work between the Parents of Jubilee and people from the US that have huge hearts for education. It is literally a dream come true for this community. What began as a simple corrugated tin walled structure with 40 students has developed each year to become a sturdy, concrete, two story facility with colorful classrooms, bathrooms AND a library!

In 2010 we began the school year with 105 children learning math, reading and language arts, French, music, art, and Bible. Now, we have expanded to a team of 14 teachers and staff, Haitians and Americans, working together, side by side. This year there is a beautiful sense of unity and family among us with much laughter, hard work and celebration as we watch our students learn and grow!