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Klinic Jubilee is focused on primary care, preventative care, and health promotion. We desire to improve the quality and ease of access to healthcare for the Haitian people. We strive to give them more control and responsibility of their own health and advocate for the health of children, the voiceless, and the marginalized.

We believe in:  

  • the importance of health promotion, education, and nutrition

  • connecting people to other healthcare facilities for more extensive medical needs

  • the laying on of hands and the healing power of Jesus

  • providing a healthy, living wage for our clinic staff

  • being a haven of peace, hope, and love for the people of Jubilee

  • playing a role in the progression of medical care in Haiti: from third, to second, to first world medicine

  • partnering with healthcare professionals in America for training and support


Klinic Jubilee is under the direction of Cody Smith and Oscar Dieuson. The staff consists of:

Manager: Vanel Jean-Baptiste

RN: Ann Sabine Jean-Charles

CNA: Anne Delva

CNA: Gerard Guillaume

CNA: Magalie Dabel



Klinic Jubilee Programs:     

General Clinic Days: Mondays and Thursdays are open to the general public; we see approximately 100 people every week. Teaching is a vital part of each patient’s appointment as the staff explains what causes sicknesses, how to take medications properly, proper diet, and ways to alleviate symptoms using non-medical solutions such as stretching or warm compresses.

Prenatal/Postpartum Program: Tuesdays we have our prenatal clinic, which offers a great opportunity for community health education. In addition to monthly weigh-ins, blood pressure checks, glucose monitoring, and general physicals; the women are taught about good nutrition, medication safety, hygiene, breastfeeding, and safe birthing practices. They receive prenatal vitamins and get the excitement of hearing their baby’s heartbeat through fetal heart monitoring.  Patients are tested for HIV and syphilis and monitored for gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. They are provided information for hospital registration; those who will deliver at home are given birthing kits. We provide formula to babies whose mothers are diagnosed with HIV or have died. We also see postpartum patients and do well baby checkups through the baby’s first year of life.  

Nutrition program: The malnutrition program, Medika Mamba, uses a Haitian-produced peanut butter supplement called Plumpy’nut to boost the caloric and protein intake of toddlers and young children. Parents bring their affected child to Klinic Jubilee’s weekly weight checks, where they receive packets of Plumpy’nut, physical exams, nutrition education, medical testing, and medications if needed. The goal of the Medika Mamba program is to prevent neurological deficits that can result from malnutrition in early childhood. Usually children reach their target weight and graduate from this program in 8-10 weeks. We also provide physical therapy for children who have difficulty reaching their physical developmental milestones due to the neurological or muscular deficits that malnourishment causes. Weekly, we provide PT during their appointment times and education for parents and care givers on what to do to help them at home.

Blood Pressure Program: Hypertension is very common among Haitians, so Klinic Jubilee’s blood pressure program addresses the immediate and long term effects. Elderly patients and physically handicapped patients receive home visits from nursing assistants twice a month. Patients who are physically able to walk come for bi-weekly appointments at the clinic on Wednesdays. The home visits and clinic appointments both include blood pressure checks, medications, education, physical therapy when needed. Stroke prevention through diet changes and medication regimen is a main focus of the blood pressure program, along with stroke recognition and rehabilitation. We currently have approximately 80 patients enrolled in our blood pressure program on Tuesdays.

Physical Therapy Program:  Physical therapy is now offered on a weekly basis for 10 stroke patients in our Blood Pressure Program. Headed by our CNA’s who have had training by visiting physical therapists from America, they are doing a great job in helping with rehabilitation. People who were unable to walk unassisted are now walking to clinic without help!

School Health Program: We are responsible for all the healthcare needs of the 120 Jubilee school students. Visiting RNs provide physicals on all students twice a year. We have a CNA who specifically helps see to the healthcare needs of the school students, including the giving of medications and vitamins, taking them for lab testing or hospital visits if needed, and teaching health classes at the school.

Miscellaneous Services: We provide emergency wound and burn care after hours, in addition to providing on going wound care for surgery and burn patients. We will also see anyone regardless of appointment if presenting with an urgent healthcare need. All of our CNAs have been trained in triage and we see the sickest patients first. For those of our staff living in Jubilee, we will open clinic at any time for an emergency need that we can manage. There are many things we cannot manage, such as those needing life sustaining medications or interventions, in which case we will then refer patients to the nearest facility that could.

  check-in for clinic visit

check-in for clinic visit

  suture training day

suture training day

  stocking of shelves with the help of a visiting medical team

stocking of shelves with the help of a visiting medical team

  physical therapy class

physical therapy class