Market Place Gonaives is our vision for Nation changing influence in Haiti.




Our strategy unfolds in an atmosphere of restoration.  Our project is about renaissance, where 50 jobs were lost, hundreds will be created. The project will draw thousands of customers to the property each month and our culture impacting venues will consistently communicate “transformation is happening, come be a part”.


Belmart Grocery Store

Belmart  is our economic anchor tenant.  They bring years of success and  his entrepreneurial spirit to the project.  "It is time that a major grocery chain expand outside Port-au-Prince. "  Belmart Grocery will serve the supermarket needs of the thousands of middle class Haitians that live within 50 miles also including NGOs, development and faith based organizations.  They will lease 10,000 sq. ft. of retail shopping , supported by an addition 5,000 of backroom area. 

At this time consumers wishing to purchase brand name items drive 3 hours to Port-au-prince to do so.  Gonaives will become the destination for thousand of shoppers.  Our anchor enterprise will also make Gonaives and MPG a desired location for other retail outlets.


MPG Cafe and 2nd Story Goods

The cafe will be the "front porch" / gathering place for the MPG.  This area will feature lots of patio seating and conversation space.  Great internet connection with a minimum purchase will entice the university students to make us a favorite spot.  (The University does not have internet access).  

2nd Story Goods will double its retail space and accessibility to customers.  The total space is 1,500 sq, ft,

Retail Space

What business would not want to locate above an anchor tenant that draws thousands of potential customers every week.  Four 800 sq ft. units, including bathroom and office will host new business.  



Two full service apartments will provide close proximity for our Grocery manager and technicians.  1,600 Sq. Ft.

 Conference Room

3,400 sq. ft. auditorium host training classes, discussion groups, business symposiums, chamber of commerce luncheons, wedding receptions, birthday parties, concerts and other community events.