Market Place Gonaives is our vision for nation changing influence in Haiti

"We realize that we can have an impact on freeing individuals, families and communities from the death grips of poverty and inspiring them to embrace Hope and live life in a posture of abundance."

We will transform a 1.4 acre property with an abandoned, 12,500 sq ft. warehouse, into vibrant, beautiful multi business complex. The first floor will be the grocery and restaurant, above those, with a mezzanine entrance, retail shops and class rooms and conference hall. The grounds will be landscaped, hosting a garden center and artisan village promoting local art and craft. Market Place Gonaives will call Gonaives to its historical roots of change in Haiti. The spirit of excellence demonstrated in the MPG will be an invitation to every business and aspiring entrepreneur to lead the way to success through a culture of honor. The jobs created in and of themselves give virtue to this project, but the real objective is a transformational environment.
Our chosen location is within blocks of three of Haiti’s finest universities, new hotels, and restaurants on route National 1. The property, known as the MatchFactory has an industrial history, 30 years ago, this 1.4 acres, was home to the “Les Allumettes Haitiennes SA”a match factory. Residents of Gonaives still refer to the property by that name. Because of government corruption and civil unrest the business was forced to move to India where it still produces 90% of the matches sold in Haiti today. Our project is about renaissance, where 50 jobs were lost, hundreds will be created.
First Floor Renovations
Second Floor Renovations

"It is time to jump again. The Market Place Gonaives is an opportunity to become tangibly involved."

Phase 1 - $300,000

Purchase Control of the Property

Phase 2 - $595,000

Construction of 2nd Floor, Renovation, and Landscaping.


Phase 3 - $220,000

Legal fees - Finish Purchase of property - retire debt