Creating Opportunity and Removing Barriers

We are transforming an abandoned 12,000 sq ft industrial warehouse, into a vibrant, beautiful 27,000 sq ft multi business complex. The 1.4 acres, 40 years ago was the "Les Alumettes SA" know all over Haiti as the Match Factory. Our anchor tenant is the 1st full service grocery store out side the nations capitol. The newly created 2nd floor will host retail shops, 2nd Story Goods, class rooms and a conference auditorium. The grounds will be beautifully landscaped, hosting a garden center and artisan village promoting local artisans. The spirit of excellence demonstrated in the MPG will be an invitation to every business and aspiring entrepreneur. The 100+ jobs created give virtue to this project, but the larger impact is the transformational environment that will lead the way to change through a culture of possibilities. Market Place Gonaives will call Gonaives to its Historical roots of change in Haiti.
MPG is within blocks of three of Haiti’s finest universities, hotels, and restaurants on route National 1. This national Highway is the connecting route to the north and south of Haiti. MPG is the mid point of this journey.
For all of the charitable institutions that we’ve seen in the last century, these things do not account for the rise out of poverty of the poorest of the poor...what accounts for this is enterprise” .
Rev. Robert A Sirico