Do you feel that you could be a better leader or that you don't know how to make the changes you need to find success?  So many young people in Haiti are hungry to learn and to grow! ProLead was developed with this type of person in mind. 

Our team of trained coaches teach a 10 week course that prepares people to be better employees, making them invaluable to the companies that hire them. Over 400 men and women have completed the course and are making big changes in businesses throughout the city. ProLead is cultural changing event that is critical to our success in transforming Gonaives and Haiti! 

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Market Place Gonaives was the catalyst for ProLead.  When our anchor tenant signed a 10-year lease, it hit home that he was going to need over 100 great employees to be successful. We needed to create a culture where great employees and employers can be successful.

In the spring of 2017 we sat down to create a leadership training curriculum.  We knew that in order for authentic and lasting change to be realized, it had to be motivated by an internal value system. 

Now, two years later, ProLead, (a haitian acronym for “employee leadership”) has a coaching staff of 10 that carry the culture and 400 ProLead certified employee leaders, that have completed the training and are ready to be “solutions” for business owners.

 Our 8 years here on the ground has taught us, the need is culture transformation. The barriers to success that poverty mentality presented could not be overcome with skills training. Our training focuses on dismantling the traditional attitudes rooted in hundreds of years of injustice.  Cultural legacies towards employment and service have crippled business in Haiti. ProLead addresses these issues.


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