About us

MUCH Ministries exists to inspire and empower individuals, families, and communities to move from a mindset of poverty to a posture of abundance. As we live life from a posture of abundance we have the privilege of partnering with God in changing our world. Our poverty mindset allows injustice in our world by paralyzing those who have from helping those with less, and keeping those in need from receiving true help.

MUCH is a “faith based non-profit” While this is a classification used in Georgia law to designate a category of non-profit corporations, it has a far deeper reality. What we do is rooted in our belief that every human being is created by God, in His image and is invited by Him to participate in making our world more to His intent. We are completely dependant on God for the passion, insight and strategy for our assignment. We believe that it is His pleasure to accomplish His dreams through us. It is our privilege to participate. 2nd Story Goods and Market Place Gonaives is what our assignment looks like. We believe that Jesus is irresistible when seen clearly. Our joy is to participate with Him in bringing His kingdom to this part of the world. Praying for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, is not a religious duty, but rather the cry of our hearts to see His Kingdom come, for earth to better resemble Heaven. This reality compels us to resist the injustice in systemic poverty, do good business, walk in integrity and remain humble before God. Pray for us, pray for each other, and let's work together to see it happen.

Presently, we are focused in the small village of Jubilee and the city of Gonaives, Haiti. It is a true partnership with the residents. We engage with individuals and parents as we work together to feed their families, educate their kids and give expression to the dreams in their hearts This effort is a collaboration and involves working with others, following their dreams, in an elementary school, the building of reliable housing, a primary care clinic, classes for community health education and more.

We are a faith based 501c3 non-profit registered in Georgia.


Gonaïves is the 3rd largest city in Haiti, with a population of over 350,000. It is the capital of the Artibonite Department, the country’s main agro-growing area. It is known as Haïti’s “Independence City” because of an important battle of the Haitian Revolution. Gonaives is also known as Haiti’s City of Independence because it was here that Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared Haiti independent from France on January 1, 1804 by reading the Act of Independence on the Place d’Armes in Gonaives.

In September 2004, Hurricane Jeanne caused major flooding and mudslides in the city.

Four years later in 2008, the city was again devastated by another storm, Hurricane Hanna, which killed 529 people, mostly in flooded sections of Gonaïves, where the destruction was described as “catastrophic”.

Today Gonaïves is rebuilding. Development of businesses, schools, roads, and a new hospital signal change. There are signs of restoration throughout the city. Vision and grace is demonstrated to invest and believe in the future of this great City of Freedom -- we are humbled and thankful to be a part of the renaissance of this City!


Like many others our story begins with a short term mission trip with our local church, at that time, Waynesville Missionary Baptist. Now 12 years later we are residence of Gonaives Haiti and attending a local church here. Our journey is a tapestry of success and trying (trying sometimes looked like failures, but was in reality, a discovery of something that didn’t work). Today we continue this process as residence of Haiti. What brought us here and keeps us here is the moral clarity that “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller. We have discovered the great joy in being part of the solution.

2002: Our son Taylor and I took a short term mission trip to the village of Bersey.

2003: Christmas, Sherrie Fausey came to Waynesville Missionary Baptist Church to speak and Kathy, along with 5 other women decide to take a trip to Sherrie’s school in Port-au-Prince. This Trip would set the course we live today; 2nd Story Goods is the direct result. (see video on 2SG page)

2004: Gathered artists to create “Haiti Rocks” project. The beginning of what was to become 2nd Story Goods. Pastor Conference held in Sherries school yard in Port-au-Prince.

2005: Spent April and May in Bersey Orphanage giving respite to the directors. We were convinced afterwards that we should move to Haiti. God said “NO not now”, we were not happy about that, but were smart enough to obey.

Since then we have had the honor of working with many amazing missionaries and Haitian people in this beautiful country ... in collaboration with orphanages, churches and schools, infant rescue and feeding programs.

Opened the Waynesville Sunny Brooks Market Place, If we couldn’t transform Haiti let’s do it in Waynesville. We developed a lifestyle of short trips to Haiti and introduced others as well.

2007: Much became a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and began to support missionaries to live in Haiti on a full-time basis. Emory and Mary Wilson began the full-time work in Gonaïves.

2008: Responded to the flooding in Gonaives to help the Wilsons and Genadas evacuate kids from two orphanages and helped arrange supplies and rebuilding of homes and churches. Pastor and Rose Genada became official Much missionaries. Natasha Taylor, now Jovin, worked for 10 months with Dorothy Pearce of Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue in Port-au-Prince.

2009: Casey Nichols worked with Dorothy Pearce of Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue. We continued in Port-au-Prince and in Gonaïves bringing in teams to build, teach and build relationships within these communities.

2010: The earth shook on January 12th, and everything went into rescue mode. We began flying in to Haiti within a few days after the quake. We worked with so many heroic people: missionaries, the UN, and NGO’s from all over the world ... so many who came to help Haiti in her hour of need. Walls were rebuilt, children clothed, and thousands of people fed. Water was supplied, tarps provided for shelters ... and, mostly, comfort given. Thousands of people, all working together ... sharing resources and helping to save lives. It was an amazing event ... “the overcoming of suffering.” Much is humbled to have been even a small part.

Laura Lynn Nichols came in response to the earth quake and decided to move to Haiti as full-time missionary to Jubilee, directing the school and clinic and living in Jubilee. Others will follow as LaLa leads the way

2011: We closed Sunny Brooks Market Place and on August 11th Beaver, Kathy and Rebecca move to Gonaives. In September Emory and Mary moved back to Waynesville and the big house became the Brooks home.

First classes of Trade School Haiti in Jubilee, Community health classes and Certified Nursing Assistant classes began. Handmade Jewelry and Journals from Trade School Haiti are put in Wake Up Coffee to sell!

2012-13: Teams come and go, 2nd Story Goods grows and gains momentum, medical training continues. Each year the school adds another grade, a new clinic is built, the Smiths move their family here and we learn to love each other well.

2014: Market Place Gonaives is formulated and the dream begins to take shape.

2015: We shall see.